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Startup challenges of selling products

When selling products, there are some things to expect, and some things you should do. The following things are some things you may want to take note off.

  • Gaining reputation and feedback
  • Generating interest for products
  • Competing with giants

There will of course be other problems, but the ones mentioned are what came into mind.

Gaining reputation and feedback

Your feedback reflects your reputation as a seller. If you are selling at ebay, you know how important feedback is.

Initially, you wont have a lot of feedback, and having little to no feedback may dissuade some potential buyers from your store as they would rather buy from someone with a proven record.

Do not get dissuaded. Whenever you sell something, let your customers know that feedback is important to you. You can ask them straight to give you feedback!

If they are truly happy with the transaction, they will give you good testimonials.

On ebay, you can also post a feedback to your customer, and often, people will return the favor if you give them gleaming feedback!

Generating interest for product

A common problem faced by sellers not only by people who sell their own products but also people who earn from commission is how to generate interest for the products.

Here, a good article and some social media marketing approach becomes important ingredients to your game plan.

Write an article about the products you want to sell. Talk about why it is useful and focus on interesting aspects of the product.

Talk about what makes the product special and how it is better than the competition.

And just as important, you should let people know about the product. Tweet about your article and share it through facebook and other social networks!

If your articles are interesting, and you you did your social media marketing homework diligently, you will gain more interest for your products.

Competing with giants

Competing with established people with the same products as you sell can be a big problem. But it is possible to compete.

You have to promote your products diligently and more often at the beginning.

But you can be creative in your marketing. You can afford to take a little bit more risk with your marketing than those with an established image.

A very important thing you can do is to provide customers better value for their money. 

By value, I don't just mean cheaper prices, although that can help as long as you don't undercut the market.

What I mean is by providing customers incentives to buy your products from you. These can be in the form of special discounts, extended warranty, rebates, after sales services or free stuff for every purchase. 

Additional, personal attention also goes a long long way! You will find that a lot of customers will want to buy from your shop for this reason alone.