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Startup challenges of offering your services

When offering your services, you will be faced with unique set of problems as you try to make your name.

  • Pricing yourself
  • Establishing your name
  • Attracting clients

Pricing yourself

If you are just starting out, you may find that the rates of your profession may differ off the internet from the internet.

The internet is a very competitive landscape. You should price yourself according to your skill level and experience. 

But the remains - how much would you charge for your level skill level and your experience?

You can look around and see how much other people are charging. Professionals with the same qualifications as you will often have a certain price range.

Additionally, you can go to forums and discussion boards related to your industry and ask. It is okey to be straightforward.

A lot of people will be happy to give you a direct answer.

Attracting clients

At the beginning, you won't have too much clients. You are still working towards a good reputation and you want to tell clients that you are worth it.

Here a good portfolio is very important. Always make sure that all your excellent projects are included in your portfolio.

While some people will arrange their portfolio chronologically, you can feature your best works  on the first pages!

Presentation goes a long way, and make sure your portfolio is well written and concise.

This will make sure potential clients see them before getting the change to discard it.

Feedback pays back! Whenever you get a project, after completion, always ask for feedback.

Feedback will not only convince future clients, it will also work towards establishing your name in the industry.

Establishing your name

With an established name and a good reputation, you have the power to charge more for your services. But the problem will be how to get there.

Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts for this one, and you have to work for it. Fortunately, it is very possible.

Every project you take, put a hundred percent on it.

Do not take on projects that is impossible to complete. Always try to finish your projects on time and if required, provide extra support after the completion of the project.

When you think that a project can not be finished on time or be done satisfactorily, you should not take on the project.

Always be frank with your client and give your honest professional opinion before taking on and during the completion of any project!