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Startup challenges of generating advertising income

When trying to earn your webmoney from advertising, you will encounter some initial challenges.

At the beginning, it will not be easy and if you stick trough, you will find out that you can conquer these challenges.

Let's discuss some of the more common challenges you will face.

  • Getting more visitors
  • Earning more from your ads

Getting more visitors

Getting visitors to your site is one of the biggest problems of people who look to earn from advertisements.

The more readers your site has, the bigger the potential your website can earn. But getting more visitors is a challenge.

What you will need to have are interesting, well written, useful articles.

One or two good articles are important, but a lot of good articles will increase your visitors even more. Writing often is important to increase your article count.

Write something fresh and unique will help you new get visitors as well. Think outside the box regarding topics.

Promoting your articles in places like technorati, digg, twitter and facebook also helps a lot to get the word out.

Earning more from your ads

At the start, you will be faced with low income from your ads. Almost everybody who earns a substantial amount from their ads program will go through this phase and so will you.

But do not be dissuaded. The money you will earn is often related to the success of your website.

Keep on writing good articles, promote each article you write and make sure other people link to it.

Always remember that a new site won't rank as well as an older, more established website on many search engines and ranking websites, so hang in there for the long haul.

Also, remember that positioning your ads properly will contribute on how much you will earn from them.

Proper layout and ads placement will also affect how much you can earn from your ads. To help you out to determine proven ads placement, please check out what google has to say.

Experiment on layout and don't be afraid to move things around. Stick with what works and discard anything that don't.