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Napoleon Hill's concepts and webmoney success

Napoleon Hill, born in 1883, is known for his work Think and Grow Rich, a book that is regarded by many as the grandfather of personal success literature.

While there were no internet at the time, his philosophies can still be applied to any part of our lives which requires success, gaining lots of web money included.

Through out his life, he has many ideas which we can use to help us succeed in getting all the web money we want.

Believe that in it can be achieved

A recurring theme of Napoleon Hill's works is believing in what can be accomplished no matter what other people say.

People telling  you that earning webmoney will only result in failure, your belief will be broken.

All you have to do is to look around because chances are that a lot of people out there just like you have succeeded in the very same thing!

Succeeding in earning from the internet is not easy but success is possible.

Provide a useful service

Hill always believe in providing a useful service. We can apply this philosophy in making web money with anything that makes us webmoney.

You can give added value to your services or products at no charge if you wish. Doing this will entice people to come back for more.

Have a pleasing personality

It is often easy to overlook the value of a pleasing personality when working on the internet.

Because we cannot see the person on their side of the internet it is easy to think that our personality wont get through them. In reality, much of our personality can be transmitted by the words we use.

Always be polite and never brag. Respect their opinions and always consider a new idea they may bring to the table.

Never unnecessarily criticize people and be agreeable when possible.

The relationships you make in the web will often lead to new income opportunities that haven't been there before.

Never give up

A recurring theme in Hill's works is the value of perseverance.

Like in anything in life, you will be faced with obstacles when trying to earn money from the web. Most will start very slow and it is very easy to get dissuade.

Those who succeed in generating lots of income from the internet are those who keeps on grinding the wheel or perseverance.

If your website isn't generating enough revenue, tweak it a bit. If you are not getting clients for yoru services, keep on submitting your portfolio.

Learn for mistakes and improve upon your successes.

Remember, you are only a failure the moment you give up.

Brain storm with like minded people

One unique principle Napoleon Hill created is what is called the principle of The Mastermind. This is not as sinister as it sounds.

The Mastermind principle basically means that two heads working together are better than two heads working individually

Find people who are involved in the same thing as you are and brainstorm about it. You can gain new ideas and concepts.

Further reading

The things discussed is just the tip of the iceberg. If you haven't yet, getting his book is a great way to start.

If you want to read more of Napoleon Hill's concepts and philosophies, read his book. It is still one of the best book about success after 75 years of publication.

Even though written decades before the internet was born, his concepts are still as applicable today as they were at that time.