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Things you should never do

You can get webmoney with honest work. Sure, it may take lots of work to get to the heights you want to be and you the rewards are worth it.

There is really no need to play dirty because doing so requires just as much work as playing nice.

You may get ahead at the start but in the long run, you will loose more than you will gain if you play dirty. Your reputation is everything.

To help you stay on the right path, here are some things to remember.

1. Do not plagiarize

Original, well written content is king. Plagiarizing shows lack of creativity and respect to the original author.

If you get caught plagiarizing, your reputation is not the only thing that will greatly suffer.

The consequences or plagarizing is so great that this goes on top of the list.

Your website's popularity will sufffer a drop as search engines and people generally frowns on plagiarism.

Blatant copying other people's work without their permission may also lead to lawsuits which will cost you more.

Writing original content may take a bit more work, but in the long run, your work will be rewarded.

If you want a specific article to be published on your site, be sure to get  permission from the original author.

Never claim to own what is not yours and always acknowledge the original author.

2. Don't fake feedbacks

It doesn't matter whether you are dealing at ebay, odesk or anywhere else. The truth of the matter is that fake feedbacks are highly frowned upon.

People are smarter than they are often given credit for. They will easily spot a fake feedback.

Instead, work towards getting real feedbacks by doing the best you can.

While a real feedback pays back, a fake one will only set your credibility back!

3. Don't spam

Spamming not only hurts people you spam, but it can also hurt you.

People who gets lots of junk mail may never be interested in what you say in the future when you have something important to say. Remember the boy who cried wolf?

If your website offers a mailing list, make sure people can easily unsubscribe.

Never give out your list of email addresses to other parties. Doing so will hurt more than your reputation.

4. Don't break the rules

It is better to always follow proper conduct whenever you are in the web.

If you are in a forum, or a certain social network, read their rules and regulations page first before anything else.

Remember, you are entering their culture and you have to respect their views.

If you are a member of an advertising program for the purpose of earning webmoney, always follow their terms of service. For instance, many of them penalize clicking on your own ads.

5. Don't cheat the machine

Some companies and individuals may tell you that they can make your website more popular on places like google or bing.

They can say that they will guarantee your website will how up on the first page of certain search engines.

Perhaps some of them are legit, but some of them will not only scam you but they may actually hurt your popularity.

Some things they may do may be considered as dirty tactics and you can get penalized by search engines because of this. In some cases you might even get black listed!

If you really need to use such services to drive up your popularity, do your research first. Always ask for proof. Always get a second opinion!

6. Don't pick a fight

Do not fall into the temptation of criticizing your competition just for the sake of destroying their reputation.

People might see you as a bully and you will be surprised how many people route for the underdog.

If you are in a forum, or even in certain social networks, picking a fight will never guarantee that you will win.

It will only assure one thing - and that is some people will side against you.

If you really need to voice out an opinion that really needs to be heard, by all means voice that opinion. If someone has an opposing opinion, respect it. If they start a fight, just be the bigger man and just walk away if possible.

Isn't it better to be in good terms with as much people as possible? So when possible, never pick a fight.