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The 5 basic rules

When you are working with the web to make webmoney, there are some guidelines to always remember. These guidelines will help your reputation and make you earn good money at the same time.

Many of these rules are applicable for all ways of making money, some are applicable for some.

Rule 1 : Content is king

The articles you write must be of good quality. Your articles must be useful, it must have value.

It is better to have one good article that people will find helpful than a dozen of junk articles that are made just for the sake of having a lot of content.

It is also good to have unique articles that can be found only in your site. Offer something special to your readers that they won't get anywhere else.

This rule is applicable if you want to your website or blog to gain some popularity and authority. Typically, this apply to those looking to selling their products, selling people's stuff for commission, and people who wants to earn from website advertisements.

Rule 2 : Many articles are better than a few

If content is king, and one good article is better than a dozen of junk articles, then a dozen of good articles is priceless.

Remember that each page with good content can potentially keep you earning webmoney for life. So make sure to have a lot of quality content on your website.

This rule is very important for people who wants to sell their products, sell other people's for commission, and to people who wants to earn from website advertisements.

Rule 3 : Feedback pays back

This rule can be applied to all the ways you can make webmoney. This is also a very good way to raise your reputation in the online community.

If you are dealing with selling products in ebay for instance, your feedback will increase your reputation and eventually give you a higher profit in the long run.

People who offers services will look more attractive to potential employers if they have good feedback from previous clients.

Also, remember to give other people good feedback when it is merited. Chances are, they will return the gesture!

Rule 4 : Never pick a fight

The world wide web is like the real world. Sometimes you will come in contact with people who clashes with your personality. You may stunble upon these in forums, your website, or someone else's.

When you do meet such people, never start a fight. It may feel good to say your peice or threaten them and a family member at that moment, but doing such is not really rewarding.

When confronted with less than ideal personalities, it is always best to just turn your back and walk away!

Rule 5 : If you cheat you get beat

If you are working with an advertising program, never click on your own ads. Doing so may get you banned permanently, it will be akin to killing the goose that lays the golden egg.

If you are working with odesk or with the ebay website, never create a second account for the purpose of creating fake feedbacks. People are smarter than they appear and your reputation will get a hard hit.

Never try to cheat the search engine or have people try to cheat for you. Your website may get penalized.

Always have unique content. Never plagiarize someone else's work. The consequences may range from a drop of website popularity to as severe as lawsuits.

If you think about it, there is really no reason to cheat, because in the web, cheating requires just as much work as honesty and honesty is much better for your reputation and for your wallet in the long run.

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