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Why not skimp on webhosting

Because webhosting will be the backbone of any website-based business, I felt that I need to write an entire article just about this topic.

When you are planning to get a website, you should consider your website hosting company very carefully.

Web hosting comes in many price points, but remember that not all web hosting companies are equal. 

These days your web host can seriously affect your site's profit potential. I will discuss some factores that can be affected by your web host.


Your website performance depends on many things. The technology your website is built on, the features you put on your website and the amount of graphics can all affect your site's performance.

But your web hosting can also affect your performance significantly.

If you are getting a web hosting services, your website will be stored on a computer that delivers your pages to the web.

This computer is called a server. And chances are  that you are not the only one who uses the server. You might not see their files but they all run in the same computer where your site is.

Cheaper webhosting services will usually cram as much users in one machine that performance can get quite slow.

Many times, cheaper webhosting services also have servers that are less powerful than the more reasonably priced ones to begin with.

The result is that a cheaper web hosting service will likely get you a slower website.

Obviously, a slow website wont make your readers happy. But what are the other consequences website performance?

Read on...

Popularity (as Google sees it)

Quite recently, Google made a rule that if your website is fast, it will place it higher up on searches, and if your website is slow, your site will be positioned lower. 

Having a fast website can determine whether your website shows up on Google's first page or on who knows where.

A good hosting service provider can also lets you choose what continent your stuff can be hosted on. Great for faster a web experience for your target audience.

Technical support

No hosting is perfect, and that is why a great technical support is important.

There are a lot of cheaper web hosting servers that replies a few days after you asked for help.

Many times, the technical help you want is not even helpful at all!

Your time is money and a quick and helpful solution is worth the extra cost of a good webhosting solution.

Features and technology

Cheaper webhosting usually skip on this a lot. Many cheap hosting(and even some more expensive ones) will only offer basic technologies such as PHP and Mysql.

And a lot of advanced features on these technologies may be disabled.

With better hosting solutions, you can basically install any technology you need and enable whatever features you want through a technology called SSH, .

Upgrading your hosting

A cheaper web hosting service may be just good enough when you are starting out.

But as your website becomes popular, you will need more bandwidth and maybe even more space.

With cheaper hosting usually, you have to upgrade everything to the next plan and end up paying for more than what you need.

With a good web hosting, you can upgrade only the specific features you need. Sometimes you may just need more space or just more band width so why pay for more than what you need?

What I recommend

My recommendation would be webfaction. They don't cram people in their servers, and you get to pick a continent where you want your files to be servered.

Also, if you plan on having multiple websites in the future, you only need to have one account!

They also have great technical support and the hardware they have cutting edge technologies.

Of course there are other good webhosting services out there, but so far, webfaction is the best that I have tried.