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Writting content for your website

No matter if how you plan to make money from the web, you will find out that writting content is very important.

If you are selling a product, you may want to write an article or at least a description of it or if you offer a service, your website will need to have a good description of what you can do.

There are some good tips to help you write your own content effectively.

Create a list

List down all the important points to cover. A list gives you an idea on what you need to talk about beforehand.

Be informative

You must also keep in mind that you should write an article for the purpose of delivering something informative. 

Your content must be useful, or you might just as well copy the phone book. Write about things that your readers can use.

Practical things that can make their lives easier will always be appreciated and they will come back for more.

New information is always a good thing too.

Doing a Google search about a topic you want to write about will help you know if the information you want to convey is not yet being covered convincingly. 

Write about something relevant

Your content must be relevant with the site. If your website is about architecture, stick to topics that is related to architecture.

You may have a lot of interests, but there is no guarantee that your readers will be interested in anything else other than your website's the topic.

Remember, if it is relevant, it is interesting!

Write in white heat

Don't think about the process of writing too much. Just write spontaneously as things come to mind. 

Your article may be longer or more complex than intend, but the important thing is you don't miss out on an important idea.

Revise in cold blood

After writing in white heat, you will end up with everything you want to say and more. You should now begin revising in cold blood.

Remove ideas that are out of place, restructure your words and double check everything. If an idea sounds great but is bordering on being off topic, don't think twice about revising it.

It should not matter if you end up with a significantly shorter article, revisions will make it a better one.

Write for people

Do not fall into the temptation for writing for search engines. In the end of the day, its people who will read your content.

It will not do you any good if you rank on the first page of a search engine if no one will be able to understand what you say.