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Ways to get paid

No matter how you make money online, all your efforts will mean nothing if you can't get paid right? In this article, I will list some of the popular ways you can receive money.


Probably the most popular way to receive money is through paypal. Paypal is an online service where you can receive money from other people.

The person sending you money must also have a paypal account.

When you get your money, it will go to your paypal account. You can withdraw this money to your real bank account.

To create your paypal account, you need a valid credit card. Paypal will require you a few steps to verify that you are the owner of the card.

You can also link your regular bank account to paypal so you can withdraw money in paypal to your bank.

Paypal is excellent for:

  • accepting money for services
  • receiving payment from ebay sales
  • receiving money from your website
  • receiving payment from products
  • getting payouts from Bidvertiser


Checks can be issued by many companies. Many advertising programs that you can join may be able to pay you through a check.

A check is typically sent to you though a courier service. You get the check at your home and you can turn it into cash at your bank.

  • AdSense has a check option
  • adbrite can pay you with a check
  • Bidvertiser also has a check option
  • Amazon can you you via check

Bank transfers

Sometimes, you can get money directly to your bank. Getting money directly to your bank may be called wire transfer, direct deposit, (electronic fund transfer)EFT, or (telegraphic transfer)T/T. 

You may need know certain details such as your SWIFT code, Routing Numbers and such in order for people to send you money.

This payment method is used by:

  • Bidvertiser  can pay your though wire transfer
  • AdSendse  has an EFT option (some countries only)
  • Employers may pay you directly to your bank account.
  • Amazon can deposit money to your bank account

Western Union

Western Union is one of the more popular remittance services, and another popular way to get paid. You do not need to join a website, or even have a bank account to receive money. All you need is an ID and a code given to you by your employer.

To get your money, you go to a western union branch, fill up a form, show the code and your ID and you get your money.

  • AdSense has a Western Union option (some countries only)
  • Some employers like to use this payment method