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Your services for cash

For many people, the best thing about the web is the opportunity for people to work online.

Housewives, people with disabilities, and even regular people that needs more time can be their own boss by looking into the web for paying work at home jobs.

Many of the work you will get are freelance work, or part time.

You can charge per hour or per project. Sometimes, the employer will post his budget and it is up to you if the offer is fair for both parties.

Many times, if your employers are happy with your work, they may offer a more permanent position.

1. Ask yourself What you can offer

These days, you can offer just about any service available.  From secretary work, programming to providing call center services. Basically, anything that can be done on a desk can be done online.

2. Prepare your portfolio / resume

In the online world, you will not be sending printed legal sized envelopes. You will be sending them digitally.

Before you go searching for a job, it is important that you already have your resume ready for quick emailing.

Many employers are happy to get a word document with your portfolio.

Sending your portfolio in a nicely format PDF is also a good way to show your potential employers that you are willing to take that extra step.

Using free software such as openoffice can help you easily convert your Microsoft word resume to PDF.

3. Where to get work

Probably the most popular place to find work is at odesk. Odesk is a community of employers and job hunters just like you where skills can be matched with requirements.

No matter what your skills are, chances are, you can offer them at odesk.

Similar to odesk, elance also gets good reviews.

Another great place to find online jobs is at freelanceswitch.

Freelanceswitch is a popular place digital art and multi-media professionals.

Surprisingly another popular place to find jobs is through You can even post jobs for potential employers to find.

When taking on a job at the internet, you should always read feedback of the company whenever available. Feedback from other people is very important to know if your potential employer is trustworthy. Remember, feedback pays back!

4. How you get paid

Depending on your employer's capability, typically you may get paid through paypal, bank transfers or western union to name a few.

By virtue of experience, I can say that the easiest way to receive your salary is through paypal.

A majority of employers will already have means to pay through paypal.

Paypal have a verification process that may take a day or two to complete, that is why you should already have a paypal account if you are planning to get an online job.

For more ways to accept payment, read the article on getting paid.

If you have no paypal account yet, it will be a good idea to get one right now.

Never accept jobs that compensates you with only goods, privileges or services.