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Get paid from commission

Even if you have no products to sell, you can still earn webmoney by selling other people's products and getting a commission from them.

You do not need to contact sellers directly to get a commission. All you need to do is sign up with websites like amazon and clickbank.

People who sell products by using amazon and clickbank are called affiliates.

You can become an affiliate by following this step by step guide.

1. Get a website

Firstly, you will need a website or a blog. You can get a blog software from WordPress or you can setup a blog at blogger to start blogging. You can also create your own website if you wish.

2. Join amazon or clickbank

Next, you should join amazon or clickbank and check out some of the things available for you that you can sell through your new website or blog.

You should be glad to know that joining is completely free if all you wish to do is promote products for profit!

3. Write an article

The most important step is to write articles related to the products you want to sell.

So, from the start, make sure your articles must be related to product you are promoting.

Take good care of writing great articles of good quality.

A good article can potentially continue to earn you commission indefinitely without needing to do anything else.

4. Link products to your article

After creating an article, you must put the links of the products you want to sell on your website for readers to click on.

You can get this code from amazon and click bank.

I will tell you exactly how to do that in a bit.

The product links you need to use will be supplied to you through the click bank and amazon websites.

These are special links with a unique code that you need to place on your website.

How get your amazon link

The steps on posting your link to your blog are:

  1. Log into your amazon account
  2. Search amazon for the items you want to promote
  3. Click on the upper left hand corner of the site that says link to this page.

  4. A box will pop up. The 3rd step will have your code.

  5. Paste the code on step 3 to your website or blog. Depending on the blog software, typically, you need to use the "code" ,  "html" or "source" view on your blog to do this properly.

Whenever someone buys products from your amazon or clickbank links on your website, you get a commission for the transaction.

Remember that your visitors must actually purchase products through your links for you to get a commission.

How to get your clickbank link

Getting your clickbank code for your products is also easy.

  1. Search for the product you want to promote at the marketplace.
  2. When you have seen an item related to your article, click on the promote button.

  3. A popup window will come up. Simply click on create. No need to fill in the tracking ID for now.

  4. The next window will show you the code you need to paste on your blog or website.

  5. Paste the code you got from step 4 to your website or blog. Depending on the blog software, typically, you need to use the "code" ,  "html" or "source" button on your blog to do this properly.


Earning through a commission is a great way to get webmoney and a lot of people claim to have great success through this method.

With the lessons you have just learned, I have just created some links based on what is related to this article which you might find helpful - and if you want, you can get the book Make Money With Amazon Associates from amazon or get the book called  The Successful Affiliates Guide for more advanced stuff.

5. Get paid

Amazon and clickbank will have many payment options for you. Read the article on how to get paid to get an idea of what they could be.