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Selling your products

In this lesson, I will teach you how to sell products through the web to make webmoney.

Selling products through the internet is not too different from selling products in a real physical store.

The biggest difference is that you don't need to pay rent and you may have to do lots of shipping.


  1. No rent. You may still need to pay for online fees such as for product listing or for web hosting but these are considerably cheaper than having a real shop.
  2. Lower maintenance cost. Aside from having no rent space, your online store is also cheaper to maintain.
  3. Wider market. You can sell to people who will never normally visit your physical store. You can even sell worldwide if you wish.
  4. Open 24 hours, 7 days a week. Your online store is always open! You can sell your products even while you sleep. Great for customers in a different time zones.


  1. Customers can't test the actual product. Some people may have reservations on getting some items without seeing and touching the actual products.
  2. Returned items can be a headache. If your customer needs to have the item sent back, they will have to ship it to you and if they are living far from you, this may pose its own set of problems such as more expensive shipping fees, transit time and other complexities.

1. What to sell?

If you are already selling something in a real store, then you may want to skip this section and scroll down, otherwise continue reading.

There are many things to sell on the web. You can sell products you can make. If you are particularly skilled in creating arts and crafts, you can use your skill to create products.

Hand-crafted items are generally popular items to sell - beaded jewelry for instance, are some of the more popular hand-made things to sell online.

If you are an artist, you can sell your paintings and sculptures.

Digital artists can also sell photos or graphics online.

If you are an expert in something, you might be glad to discover that you can sell your books digitally in the form of PDF.

You can also sell old stuff in your house that you do not use anymore.

The internet has a good track record  selling second hand items online. You will be surprised that a lot of people will be willing for items that you may consider worthless.

If you plan to move a lot of inventory, you can resell products. Buying things at wholesale prices and sell them on the internet is a good way to sell things.

You can even import goods to sell locally. You can go to websites such as to find suppliers that can provide you with the inventory you need for your store!

2. Where to sell?

The next step is finding the right place to sell them. It is a good thing that there are many places where you can market and sell your goods!

Online classified ads

The great thing about posting your items on classified ads is that a lot of them are free!

A very popular classified ads website is craigslist. Craigslist is very simple and direct to use and a lot of people still buys stuff from craigslist regularly.

Auction websites

Ebay and auction websites are also very good places to list your items.

The good thing about selling stuff at ebay is that you can have your items auctioned and you can earn more for your items if your item is unique or rare.

With ebay, you  may have to pay for each item you try to sell. This is called an insertion fee it it costs from $010 to $2 depending on the price of the items you try to sell.

You will also need to pay fees when your item sells, this typically costs 9% of the total cost to the buyer.

Stock image and art websites

People who wants to sell photographs can sell their products though stock image websites.

If you are a photographer, you might want to check out shutterstock, istockphoto, and dreamstime as good starting points.

If you deal with digital art that you created with software, check out the deviantart website.

People specializing in 3D graphics should also take a look at or turboquid as a viable place to sell their works.

Use a middle man

For a small starting fee, you can also use websites such as clickbank to sell digital content.

Clickbank works by having people owning a website to sell your items for a commission.

After the starting fees, you only need to pay clickbank at every transaction.

Clickbank is the ideal service to use if you want to sell e-books.

Amazon also allows you to sell your items for a monthly fee.

The good thing about Amazon is that it reaches a lot of customers because if its popularity.

Setup a web store

You can sign up at online social networks that to sell products such as etsy, ebay, or even setting up a facebook account for your store .

Alternatively, you can have your own website made.

The community knows

You can also join forums with topics that are related to your products.

Forums and discussion boards often have a selling section where members can sell their wares.

Using forums as a marketplace can be very profitable because the members are readily interested in your products.

To recap, here are the places where you can sell your items:

As you can see, there are a lot of places where you can sell your products. You can use one or more places mentioned above. It all depends on how much time and work you are willing to commit to maintain your products' listing.

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